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What’s the difference between Bamboo and Wood?

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Key difference: Both the words Bamboo and Wood are natural materials used for many centuries for various purposes. Both are strong and durable materials, and bamboo has higher tensile strength, which can withstand more tension, whereas wood, more resistant to compression, have more impact than bamboo. Bamboo is more resistant to moisture than wood, both have their unique appearance, and bamboo is less expensive than wood, especially in products like furniture, etc., In this article, you can learn the significant differences between Bamboo and Wood.

Good Examples of the words “Bamboo and Wood” are,
1. Bamboo can be burned for energy production.
2. We bought a new dressing table made up of wood.



Bamboo is a hard, fibrous substance.

Bamboo is a woody grass that belongs to the Poaceae family. It also refers to the fabric made from the bamboo plant’s pulp. It is sustainable and eco-friendly, fast-growing, and used as a renewable resource. Bamboo is used as animal food and plays a major role in ecological balance. It uses in both traditional and modern, mainly used in construction, furniture, textiles, food, paper, decorative items, landscaping, musical instruments, and energy production. Bamboo’s versatility and sustainability make it a valuable resource for many industries.

The Best Example of bamboo is “Bamboo is the strong and flexible material.”

How do We Spell the Word Bamboo?

Spell / Pronunciation in which a word or particular language is spoken among people. The Oral representation of the phrase bamboo is “bam·boo.” It would help if you practised it slowly for the outcome of a perfect spell. Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the word bamboo.


Syllabification is where we split the words into individual vowel sounds. A syllable should have at least one vowel in the word. For example, we will see the syllable of the word “Bamboo.”

  • Wondering if the word “Bamboo” has two syllables in it.
  • The split is “BAM-BOO.”

Using “Bamboo” in sentences:

  • The tables and chairs on the first floor are made up of bamboo.
  •  The painter painted the wall featuring bamboo leaves.
  • Henry has a bamboo mat, which is essential for doing yoga.
  • Smith used to play with the flute, made of bamboo wood.
  • Factory switch from inorganic to organic bamboo utensils.



Wood is the product of trees.

Wood is a natural material that comes from the stems and branches of trees. It is a renewable resource and a more valuable material. Wood is composed of cellulose fibres for various purposes like furniture making, paper, pulp production, biofuel, etc. It is widely used in many industries, which costs highly and has cultural and aesthetic value. It has specific properties like density and hardness etc. Woods have more strength, durability, and flexibility.

The Best Example of “Wood” is “Wood is composed of cellulose and hemicellulose.”

How do We Spell the Word Wood?

The vocal representation of the word Wood is “vud, In the below, you can know by hearing the audio of the phrase wood.


Syllabification is where we split the words into individual vowel sounds. A syllable should have at least one vowel in the word. For example, we will see the syllable of the word “Wood.”

  • I wondered if the word “Wood” has one syllable.
  • The split is “WOOD.”

Using “Wood” in sentences:

  • Wood is used for furniture and paper making.
  • Smith lifted heavy wood.
  • There are a lot of woods in the forests.
  • Chairs and tables are made up of tree wood.
  • Wood is the insulator to conduct electricity.

Similarities between Bamboo & Wood

The title reveals the difference between Bamboo & Wood. But, like, you want to know also similar things about the above two words. So come, let’s see below.

  • Bamboo is a woody grass that depends on neither hardwood nor softwood, and both are natural materials used as renewable resources.
  • Bamboo and Wood materials can fix carbon sequestration and help to remove greenhouse gases.

Compare: BAMBOO & WOOD

DEFINITIONBamboo is the giant woody
the fastest growing
plants used as biofuel,
construction etc.,
Wood is the hard, fibrous
that forms from
the branches and trees
for fire, furniture and instruments, etc.,
SYNONYMSIronwood, Coconut, Rafia,
Cane, Timber, Shaft, Bambusa
Giant grass, Woody grass, and Culm.
Timber, Lumber, Firewood,
Woodland, Copse, Coppice,
Grove, Thicket, and greenwood.
ANTONYMSResin, Fibreglass, Stone, Concrete,
Synthetic materials.
Fauna, White, Non-development,
Paper and Fabric.
USESUsed for Biofuel, Textiles produce more oxygen, medicines, and clothes.
Used as fuel, Construction material, Weapons, Paper, and Pulp.
TYPESGiant Thorny Bamboo
Guadua Bamboo
Tropical Black Bamboo
Giant Thorny Bamboo
River Cane Bamboo
Japanese Timber Bamboo
Softwood (Pine, Fir, Cedar)
Hardwood (Oak, Teak, Sapele)
EXAMPLESBamboo is used to make toys and
musical instruments.
Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant
in the world.
Is bamboo a perennial or biennial plant?
Bamboo has hollow boots inside.
Running and clumping are the two famous types of bamboo.
Dry woods are used for fire purposes.
Greenwood is used for making toys.
Woods are perennial trees.
Woods surround my home.
Windows are made up of wood.

Infographic Representation:


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