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What is the Difference Between Already and All Ready?

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Key Difference: In the English language, there are a lot of confusing words that people can use interchangeably. On that note, the words “Already” and “All Ready” are confusing words. These words can be pronounced similarly, but they have entirely different meanings. The word already is referred to before, previously, and earlier. On the other hand, the term All ready means completely ready or prepared. In this article, we will show you the difference between these two words clearly.

Already: She has already cooked the dinner.
All ready: We are all ready for the meeting.

AlreadyPinAll readyPin
Already Vs All ready



Previously completed action

The term “already” refers to before or by now or then. To be more precise, already means something has happened before. When something is expected to happen, at that time we use this word we thought this already. Let’s see an example sentence to make it clear. Veronica already informed me about today’s leave. From this sentence, we might understand that veronica informed someone about the leave before.


Syllables are phonological building blocks of words. It divides the words into parts that can help you read words more accurately. Let’s see how to split the word “already” using syllables. Learning syllables can also help you to spell words correctly. 

  • The word “already” has a three-syllable
  • It can be divided as “al-read-y.”

More Examples:

  • Our institution is already popular, so we don’t want to do advertisements for it.
  • She already completed the homework.
  • I have already missed the bus, could you help me to go there?
  • Harry already submitted his record in the staff room.
  • It is already 2 PM, so we should go to the meeting hall.

All Ready:

All ready Pin

Completely Prepared

This section will show you the meaning of the word “All ready” and how to use it properly. Generally, the word “All ready” refers to something that is completely prepared. All-ready is a two-word phrase that is used to define something is ready. Let’s see an example to make it clear. I am all ready to play football on the ground. From this statement, we understand that someone is ready to play football.


Syllabification refers to the process of division of words into smaller parts. It is commonly known as syllables. With its help, you can easily read and spell the word accurately. Here, you will see how to split the word “all ready” by syllables. 

  • The word “all ready” has three syllables
  • It can be divided as “all-read-y.”

More Examples:

  • Riya, Nancy, and tom are all ready to go out today.
  • Are you all ready to go on summer vacation?
  • The professor is all ready to take the class.
  • Our students are all ready for the football match.
  • Jacob and Bella are all ready for their wedding.

Compare: Already Vs All Ready

This table will show you the contradiction between the words Already Vs All Ready.

AlreadyAll Ready
DefinitionBefore, by now, previouslyAll prepared or entirely ready.
SynonymsPreviously, before, so early, heretoforeall set, arranged, completed, organized, prepared
Antonymsafter, later, afterwardunavailable, unprepared, unready
EtymologyMiddle English: from all (as an adverb) + ready; already (sense 2) is influenced by Yiddish use.Middle English: from all (as an adverb) + ready; already
ExamplesWe have already seen this house.
I already have two watches.
It was already late, so we have to wait until the gates open.
We already finished the work.
I have already accepted the challenge.
They are all ready to fight in the battle.
We are all ready to go on the trip.
Dustin is not at all ready for the dance show.
Children are all ready to swim.
Please check that everything is all ready for the presentation.
Already Vs All ready

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