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What’s the Difference Between Aim and Objective?

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Key Difference: The word “aim” refers to a target towards which you work or a goal to be achieved whereas the word “Objective” represents a goal or something to aim for. The two words aim and objective seems to be the same but have distinct meanings. To be more precise, Aim is the target that you want to achieve once in a lifetime. But, the word Objective refers to the list of things that need to be accomplished before achieving something. In this article, we will see the contradictions between the words Aim and Objective.

Aim: You have to aim carefully before shooting.
Objective: Our objective must be clear.

Aim Vs Objective



Aim is a target to be achieved

The aim is nothing but having the intention of achieving something. In other words, the aim is a target need to be achieved. It can be used either as a noun or a verb. Every people have some aim or goal in life. It makes them work hard and improve their skills. Let’s see an example sentence to understand it clearly. The child said, My aim is to be a dentist. In this sentence, the child set his/her goal to become a dentist in the future. We come up with one more example, His aim in life is to save money. This statement determined that he had the intention of saving money.


Syllables are phonological building blocks of words. It divides the words into parts that can help you read words more accurately. Let’s see how to split the word affect using syllables. Learning syllables can also help you to spell words correctly. 

  • The word “Aim” has one syllable
  • It cannot be divided.

More Examples:

  • Aim the pistol at the target.
  • I aim to be a singer.
  • Everybody aims to achieve something in life.
  • Jacob aims to know the function of the machine within an hour.
  • If you don’t aim high, you will never reach high in life.



The objective is something to aim for

The word objective refers to the goal or something to aim for. It is completely measurable and pre-planned things we do to achieve the goal. Objectives always help to achieve the target in a step-by-step manner, and it definitely leads to achieve that. Let’s see the sample sentence to understand it properly. Business objectives are measurable results planned by the organization. From this sentence, we might learn that every business objective will be accomplished by the employees as per the plan.


Syllabification refers to the process of division of words into smaller parts. It is commonly known as syllables. With its help, you can easily read and spell the word accurately. Here, you will see how to split the word “Objective” by syllables. 

  • The word “Objective” has three syllables
  • It can be divided as “Ob-jec-tive.”

More Examples:

  • I think rosy is objective.
  • This is our main objective.
  • She worked hard to accomplish the objective.
  • Our Organization’s primary objective is to gain more knowledge.
  • He explained the objective of the project.

Compare: Aim Vs Objective

This table will show you the contradiction between the words Aim and Objective.

Aim Objective
DefinitionIt refers to the target that needs to be achieved.It is completely measurable and pre-planned things we do to achieve the goal.
Synonymsfocus, direct, point, level, position, sightimpartial, equitable, fair, open-minded, unemotional
Antonymsdislike, hatred, aimlessness, hate, neglect, thoughtlessness, purposelessnessbiases, partial, prejudiced, subjective
Parts of Speechverb, nounadjective or a noun
EtymologyMiddle English: from Old French amer, variant of esmerearly 17th century: from medieval Latin objectivus, from objectum
ExamplesThe bullet was aimed to attack the animals.
I think, my aim is perfect.
Betty aims to improve her skills.
My aim is to be a scientist.
The factory aimed to hire a bundle of people from this city.
We should follow the objectives of our project.
You are not being objective.
I am not sure what his objective is.
Are you objective?
He fulfilled the objectives of his goal.
Aim Vs Objective

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