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What’s the Difference Between Knowledge and Truth?

Key Difference: Do you want to know the difference between Knowledge and truth? then follow this guide to know that. Actually, these two terms are really close to each other. So that only, many people use these words interchangeably. Knowledge is a better understanding of a particular something. Whereas, Truth refers to honesty. Let’s see the contradictions between these two words with proper explanation.

Knowledge: I have a little knowledge of geography.
Truth: You have to tell the truth.

Knowledge Vs Truth



A better understanding of a particular subject.

Knowledge is nothing but a better understanding of a particular subject. Let’s see an example to make it clear for you. Her extensive knowledge surprises me. From this statement, we might understand that someone’s knowledge is the best. Here we come up with another example for your reference. Previous knowledge is not required for this job. From this statement, we might understand that someone said that you don’t need to have a previous knowledge for this job.

How Do We Spell the Word Knowledge?

Phonetics pronunciation of the word Knowledge is ˈnɒlɪdʒ. And this word sounds like the following audio.


Syllables are phonological building blocks of words. It divides the words into parts that can help you read words more accurately. Let’s see how to split the word “Knowledge” using syllables. Learning syllables can also help you to spell words correctly. 

  • The word “Knowledge” has two syllables.
  • It can be divided into “Knowl-edge.”

Using “Knowledge” in sentences:

  • Knowledge is power.
  • She had a wide knowledge of space.
  • You can grow your knowledge by reading books.
  • He has a very good knowledge in that particular thing.
  • Knowledge comes from experience.




The term “Truth” is a noun. It is used to indicate the true state of some issue. In other words, truth is nothing but the thing that has to be believed by everyone and there is no space for fiction or lies. For example, Every person must speak the truth. From this sentence, we might understand that we should always speak the truth. Let’s see another example. That is the hard truth we need to believe. This sentence tells that someone says, it is hard to believe the truth.

How Do We Spell the Word Truth?

Phonetics pronunciation of the word Truth is truːθ. And this word sounds like the following audio.


Syllabification refers to the process of division of words into smaller parts. It is commonly known as syllables. With its help, you can easily read and spell the word accurately. Here, you will see how to split the word “Truth” by syllables.

  • The word “Truth” has one syllable
  • It cannot be divided.

Using “Truth” in sentences:

  • Sometimes, the truth makes us worry.
  • Tell him the truth is better for you.
  • Children always speak the truth.
  • They didn’t tell the truth.
  • If you tell the truth, we will let you go.

Compare: Knowledge Vs Truth

This table will show you the contradiction between the words Knowledge and Truth.

DefinitionAn information or experience gather from something.It refers to the honesty or state of being true.
SynonymsUnderstanding, expertise, skill, masteryHonesty, sincerity, genuineness, accuracy
AntonymsIgnorance, unawarenessDishonesty, falsity
Parts of SpeechNounNoun
EtymologyEtymology. From Middle English knowleche, knaweleche, cnawlece (“knowledge”), from knowen (“to know, recognise”) + -leche. Related to Middle English knowlechen (“to find out, acknowledge”).Old English trīewth, trēowth ‘faithfulness, constancy’.
ExamplesDoubt is the key of knowledge.
Knowledge starts with practice.
I have a limited knowledge of our histiory.
His knowledge about football is very good.
Wisdom comes from the truth.
Telling the truth will always help you.
Once you tell the truth, you will be alright.
You have to tell the truth in order to save the victim.
Knowledge Vs Truth

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