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What’s the Difference Between Fact and Opinion?

Key Difference: When we talk about something, the information might be in two possibilities. Either it is fact or it is an opinion of someone. These two are completely different from each other. Fact is nothing but truth or reality. Whereas, opinion is a judgement or a point of view of someone and it differs from one person to another. In this useful post, we will show you the difference between fact and opinion with proper explanations.

Fact: In fact, he is a doctor.
Opinion: What is your opinion?

Fact Vs Opinion




Fact is something that is present in the reality. In some situations, we might need to verify the facts, because something that is true for one person may not be true for another person. The term fact is a noun. Let’s see an example to make it clear. You couldn’t deny the fact. From this statement, we might understand that someone says, you cannot disapprove of the fact. Here, we come up with one more example for your reference. In fact, she likes to eat cake. From this sentence, we might understand that, someone said that she always loves to eat cake.

How Do We Spell the Word Fact?

Phonetics pronunciation of the word Fact is fakt. And this word sounds like the following audio.


Syllables are phonological building blocks of words. It divides the words into parts that can help you read words more accurately. Let’s see how to split the word “Fact” using syllables. Learning syllables can also help you to spell words correctly. 

  • The word “Fact” has one syllable
  • It cannot be divided.

Using “Fact” in sentences:

  • Tell them the fact and let them decide.
  • What she said was pure fact.
  • Is it fact news?
  • I want to tell you the fact.
  • You have to believe that this is a fact.



Judgement about something.

An opinion is a judgement or point of view about something. Opinions might differ from one person to another person. Let’s see an example to make it clear for you. Simon said, Your opinion is far different from mine. From this statement, we might understand that Simon’s opinion is different from another person’s opinion. Here we come up with another example for your reference. I agree with your opinion. From this statement, we might understand that someone said that he or she agrees with another person’s opinion.

How Do We Spell the Word Opinion?

The phonetics pronunciation of the word Opinion is əˈpɪnjən. And this word sounds like the following audio.


Syllabification refers to the process of division of words into smaller parts. It is commonly known as syllables. With its help, you can easily read and spell the word accurately. Here, you will see how to split the word “Opinion” by syllables.

  • The word “Opinion” has three syllables
  • It can be divided into “O-pin-ion.”

Using “Opinion” in sentences:

  • Her opinion has not changed.
  • I have a good opinion of you.
  • In my opinion, they are all very good people.
  • Your opinion will not affect my decision.
  • What’s your opinion of the new team leader?

Compare: Fact Vs Opinion

This table will show you the contradiction between the words Fact and Opinion.

Fact Opinion
DefinitionIt refers to reality.It is a view or judgement about something.
SynonymsReality, actuality, certaintyPoint of view, belief, judgement, perspective
AntonymsLie, fictionFact, disbelief
Parts of SpeechNounNoun
Etymologylate 15th century: from Latin factum, neuter past participle of facere ‘do’. The original sense was ‘an act’, later ‘a crime’, surviving in the phrase before (or after) the fact . The earliest of the current senses (‘truth, reality’) dates from the late 16th century.Middle English: via Old French from Latin opinio(n- ), from the stem of opinari ‘think, believe’.
ExamplesThis is a fact.
As a matter of fact, we have to follow the rules in the end.
The news has to be fact-checked before publishing.
Stating facts always win in the argument.
She asked her father’s opinion about her plans.
Nobody asked his opinion.
I want your opinion.
Your opinion is similar to mine.
Fact Vs Opinion

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