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What’s the Difference Between Cane and Wicker? Cane vs. Wicker

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Key Difference: These are the two similar but distinct materials used in furniture making. It is nothing but Cane and Wicker. Cane is made up of bark from bamboo plants, whereas Wicker is the technique of weaving different materials, including cane, ratoon, and bamboo etc., Cane is typically used for the seats and back of chairs, whereas it can be made up of a variety of styles, and designs. The main difference between these two words is the type of material differs. You can learn the major differences between “Cane and Wicker” are,

Good Examples of the words “Cane and Wicker” are,
1. He walked with a cane to support his injured leg.
2. Wicker weaving is often done by skilled craftsmen.



Cane is a perennial grass.

Cane is a tall grass that belongs to the genus Arundo. It can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) along riverbanks and other wetland areas. It has thick stems which are hollow and segmented. Cane grass is used for making musical instruments, fishing pools due to its thickness of stems, and thatching roofs for houses. Traditional medicine has been used for ailments such as respiratory infections, fever and digestive tissues, basket making, and mat making.

The Best example of “Cane grass” is “Cane grass is a fast-growing plant which absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

How do We Spell the Word Cane?

The vocal representation of the word Cane is “kayn,” In the below, you can know by hearing the audio of the phrase cane.


Syllabification is where we split the words into individual vowel sounds. A syllable should have at least one vowel in the word. For example, we will see the syllable of the word “Cane.

  • I wondered if the word “Cane” has one syllable.
  • The split is “CANE.”

How do We Pronounce “Cane”?

“Cane” – Pronunciation

Using “Cane” in sentences:

  • Cane grass is grown in many parts of the world.
  • For construction work, cane grass is used widely.
  • Cane grass grows to 10 centimetres long.
  • The rural community harvests the cane grass and weaves it.
  • Scientists discovered a new species of cane grass.



Wicker refers to material that creates objects by weaving.

Wicker is a weaving technique that can make many objects it can make handmade or artificial, for higher quality. It can be left natural or can paint in a particular style. Wicker can be made from various traditional to modern. It is sustainable and eco-friendly and is a renewable material. It requires some maintenance to keep it in better condition. Wicker can be used in various settings, from beaches to urban flats.

The Best example of the word “Wicker has a unique and natural appearance.”

How do We Spell the Word Wicker?

Spell / Pronunciation in which a word or particular language is spoken among people. The Oral representation of the phrase wicker is “vi·kuh.” It would help if you practised it slowly for the outcome of a perfect spell. Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the word wicker.


Syllabification is where we split the words into individual vowel sounds. A syllable should have at least one vowel in the word. For example, we will see the syllable of the word “Wicker.”

  • Wondering if the word “Wicker” has two syllables in it.
  • The split is “WICK-ER”

How do We Pronounce “Wicker”?

“Wicker” – Pronunciation

Using “Wicker” in sentences:

  • The tables and chairs on the first floor are made up of wicker.
  • The wicker basket was used to carry groceries from the market.
  • Henry mostly used wicker-based products at home.
  • I love wicker table chair to use which is more comfortable.
  • The outdoor patio was adorned with a wicker lantern.

Similarities between Cane & Wicker

The title reveals the difference between Cane & Wicker. But, like, you want to know also similar things about the above two words. So come, let’s see below.

  • Cane and Wicker are lightweight materials and flexible and are known for their strength and durability.
  • Cane and Wicker are used for making furniture and baskets that can withstand daily use and have a natural look and create a variety of items, including furniture, baskets, accessories, and decorative items.

Compare: CANE & WICKER

DEFINITIONCane grass is the coarse grass found in 
wetlands, marshes and other areas with high moisture content.
Wicker is the weaving technique that creates a pattern with flexible materials such as rattan, bamboo, and willow.
SYNONYMSBamboo, Giant reed, Elephant grass, Kikuyu grass, Napier grass, Switchgrass, Miscanthus, Sorghum, Prairie grassWeave, Basketwork, Rattan
Cane, Twig, Fibre, Vine
Willow, Reed, Straw
ANTONYMSTurfgrass, Lawn grass, Meadow grass
Pasture grass, Prairie grassland, Steppe grass.
Smooth, Solid, Hard
Rigid, Inflexible, Stiff
Unyielding, Inelastic, Firm, Strong
USESUsed for Sugarcane production, Livestock feed, Biofuel production,
Handicrafts, and Environmental remediation.
Used for Furniture, Baskets, Decorative items, Accessories, Pet beds, Garden and outdoor decor, Musical instruments and Storage containers.
TYPESBurma Reed
Common Reed
Giant Bristle grass
Sugar cane
Prairie grass
Indian grass
Types of wicker materials,
EXAMPLESThe farmer grows cane grass to use as feed.
The sugar mills processed many quintals of cane grass.
Cane grass is used to make up baskets and boats.
Cane belongs to the Poaceae family.
The researcher studies the heights of the cane grass.
Paper wicker is lightweight.
Wicker is commonly used to create storage containers.
Wicker can be used to create a variety of decorative items.
The storage room was organized with wicker baskets.
The basket weaver used willow wicker to create a beautiful and sturdy basket.

Infographic Representation:


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