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What’s the difference between Agriculture and Horticulture?

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Key Difference: Cultivation is important to the survival of human beings. The basic need of human beings is mainly food and shelter, and other related products. These two words are the backbone of every country in the world, nothing but Agriculture and Horticulture. It is a more related topic because no more industries and factories are run without these products.

Agriculture involves higher production when compared to horticulture. However, both involve the main production yield of food crops, fruits, vegetables, etc.; Horticulture is mainly grown in the nursery field, and then shifted to the main field by human or machinery power. Nowadays, agriculture and horticulture are mostly developed and at an advanced level.

No matter what, human resources were essential in ancient agriculture and horticulture, and it took more days and months. Still, now, the machinery has developed more, and it works without taking any rest, and we are yielding and gaining more profits in this field. Of course, subsidies boost agriculture, but in horticulture, the subsidies are not in frequent condition.

Good examples of the words Agriculture and Horticulture are,
1. Rice is the main crop and yields high in agriculture.
2. Ornamental plants are involved in horticulture.



Agriculture is the backbone.

Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil and raising crops and livestock production. Agriculture also provides wood for construction, paper, cotton, wool, and leather products. It has become widespread and has various types of agriculture worldwide. It depends on sociocultural & mechanical practices. Furthermore, it provides most of the food and meat.

The Best Example of the word Agriculture is “Agriculture provides occupation to all over the world.”

How do We Spell the Word Agriculture?

Spell / Pronunciation in which a word or particular language is spoken among people. The Oral representation of the word Agriculture is “uh-gri-kuhl-chur.”. It would help if you practiced it slowly for the outcome of a perfect spell.

In Latin, the word lake is pronounced as “agricultura.” Likewise, there are many differences in the pronunciation of the word Agriculture in multiple languages. Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the word Agriculture.


Syllabification is where we split the words into individual vowel sounds. A syllable should have at least one vowel in the word. We are going to see the syllable of the word Agriculture.

  • Wondering if it has four syllables in it.
  • It can be split as A/GRI/CUL/TURE.

Using “Agriculture” in sentences:

  • Agriculture is the backbone of the country.
  •  Agriculture is the major source of occupation.
  •  Growing crops & plants for food & fodder is called agriculture.
  •  Agriculture includes Dairy Farming, Commercial Farming, & Plantation Farming.
  •  There are a lot of studies based on agriculture.



Horticulture is a branch of agriculture.

Horticulture is a word derived from the two Latin words garden and culture. It is the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, ornamental trees, plants, and nuts. Generally, when compared to agriculture, it yields higher. In particular, fruits and vegetables provide us with more vitamins and minerals. It also cultivates for food and comfort purposes.

The Best Example of the word Horticulture is “Horticulture has the same importance as animal husbandry.”

How do We Spell the Word Horticulture?

The vocal representation of the word Horticulture is “hôr-ti-kəl-chər.” How do the UK and American people spell the word horticulture? It is “horticultura.” Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the word horticulture.


Syllabification refers to letters that hold together to make a single sound. So, for example, we will see the syllable of the word “Horticulture” is four “HOR-TI-CUL-TURE.”

Using “Horticulture” in sentences:

  • Horticulture is the branch of agriculture.
  •  What are the main crops in horticulture?
  •  The Scope of horticulture is getting higher yields.
  •  Vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals are included in horticulture.
  •  What are the different types of horticulture?

Similarities between Agriculture and Horticulture

The title reveals the difference between Agriculture and Horticulture. But, like, you want to know also similar things about the above two words. So come, let’s see below.

  • Both these have the same techniques for crop production.
  •  Agriculture and horticulture yield most of the food crops all over the world.
  •  Horticulture is termed as the sub-field of agriculture.

Compare: Agriculture & Horticulture

DEFINITIONIt defines the cultivation
of field crops,
provides us food, shelter,
wool and other products.,
It is the practice of
garden cultivation, fruits,
vegetables production,
ornamental, and flower
Corn, Wheat and Rice Fruit production
Large scale operationSmall scale operation
USESIt provides raw materials.
It helps out as animal feed.
Furthermore, it improves the economic
all over the world.
It gives quality and high
quantity of fruits and vegetables.

It yields higher flower production.
Likewise, it produces more
flower production.
TYPESDry farming.
Subsistence farming.
Commercial Agriculture.
Terrace Agriculture.
Wet farming.
Shifting Agriculture.
Intensive Agriculture.
Extensive Agriculture.

Landscape Olericulture.
Postharvest physiology.
Turf management.
EXAMPLESAgriculture practices are very
interesting and hardworking.
The agriculture industry has more
importance all over the world.
Economic growth determines by agriculture.
Livestock and agricultural
products are mostly imported.
Agricultural products include rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, etc.,
Horticulture is the sub-branch of agriculture.
We need two machines for the practice of horticulture.
I have to try a new practice
in horticulture.
There is a vacancy for a horticulture subject in the college.
Pomology is the branch of horticulture.
Agriculture and Horticulture

Infographic Representation


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