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What’s the difference between Density and Weight?

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Key difference: Here, we came up with two new words in this article related to science and geography correlated. It is nothing but Density and Weight. Both are related to physical property. Density depends on the volume, and Weight depends on gravity. Density deals with the object’s width, height, and thickness.

Weight is mostly used in human-related and other objects. It is mostly based on Mass and Gravitational force. There are two types of density one is Absolute density and Relative density. Relative density is otherwise called specific density. The density of each substance is different. Density is directly proportional to mass, whereas inversely proportional to weight (Volume). 

There are three weighing scales: spring scales, hanging scales, beam balance scales, and digital scales. Weight depends on a scalar quantity, while Density depends on a vector quantity. SI unit of weight can be measured in kg⋅m/s2, whereas for Density, the SI unit is kg/m3. Here in this article, we know the major difference between Density and Weight.

Good examples of the two words “Density and Weight” are,
1. The density of water is 1 gram per cubic centimetre.
2. Henry has put overweight.



Density has the same volume.

Density is defined as measuring the material by how they are packed together. Archimedes discovers the principle of Density. Density is denoted by D=M/V, whereas D is Distance, M denotes Mass, and V is Velocity. Generally, objects with the same volume will have different masses and densities. Density depends on the amount of matter. While geography is defined as related to population, quantity means the number of people occupied on the surface of the area.

The Best Example of “Density” is “Population density is calculated as per Per-square Kilometer.”

How do We Spell the Word Density?

Pronunciation/Spell has more space in using words wisely to build communication between people because sometimes the wrong spell leads to misperception of words. The phonetic representation of the word Density is “dens·uh·tee,” which breaks the sounds into three. You can hear the audio of the word Density below,


Syllabification is defined as the division of words into smaller parts called syllables. We are going to see the syllable of the word Density.

It has three syllables in it, DEN-SI-TY.

Using “Density” in sentences:

  • The world has a high population density.
  •  What is the snowfall’s Density?
  •  Air’s Density is 1.23 is high compared to other gases.
  •  Water has high Density.
  •  The Density of water and atmospheric pressure is equal.



Weight is the gravity force.

Weight is nothing, but the gravitational force attracts the Mass toward its center. The amount of the thing and our human beings, usually we considered the space occupied by us, that gravitational force which attracts the Weight towards its center. The Weight formula is W=mg, where W denotes Weight, M refers to Mass, and G is Gravitational force. Generally, Weight is denoted as Kilogram, Milligram, and Gram. Specifically, it mends to download force toward the earth.

The Best Example of the word Weight is “What is the Earth’s Weight?

How do We Spell the Word Weight?

Spell / Pronunciation in which a word or particular language is spoken among people. The Oral representation of the word is “vast.”. It would help if you practised it slowly for the outcome of a perfect spell.

In Latin, the word weight is translated as “pes.” Likewise, there are many differences in the pronunciation of the word Weight in multiple languages. Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the phrase Weight.


Syllabification refers to letters that hold together to make a single sound. We are going to see the syllable of the word “Weight” is 1, which means it cannot be divided into parts, and to pronounce it, we have stressed it in front of the word Weight.

Using “WEIGHT” in sentences:

  • What is the average weight of total human beings?
  •  Smith takes more Weight while doing exercises.
  •  The Doctor advised Alex to maintain Weight.
  •  What is the difference between Mass and Weight?
  •  Weigh is an idiom of the word Weight.

Similarities between Density and Weight

The title reveals the difference between Density and Weight. But, like, you want to know also similar things about the above two words. So come, let’s see below.

  • Both words depend on physical arrangement.
  •  Density and Weight properties depend on the Mass.

Compare: Density and Weight

DEFINITIONDensity is defined as
physical property of
matter that comparative
relationship between
mass and volume.
Weight is defined as
force of gravity
of an object and
in body.
SYNONYMSCloseness, Nearness,
Adjacency, Compactness,
Compactness, Thickness,
Closeness, Concentration,
Denseness, Consistency.
Net, Load, Pressure,
Substance, Gravity,
Adiposity, Mass,
Tonnage, Gross,

Insignificance, Unimportance,
Disregard, Disrespect,
Uselessness, Trivialness.

QUANTITYForce and Vector
Scalar quantity
Kilograms per cubic meterNewton
Lead has high density.
There are two types of density
High and Low density.
All the planets have 
different masses and densities.
We should calculate the
population density in cities.
What is meant by 
water density?

She had lost weight by
doing exercises regularly.
There is a relationship 
between mass and weight.
He put all his weight against 
the door.
The bed sunk due to their 
The weight of the tractor engine 
is 100 tonnes

Infographic Representation


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