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What’s the Difference Between Character and Behavior?

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Key Difference: Generally, we humans have more senses, and we exaggerate them to one another in good and bad ways. In this way, we differ, which is also identification in one’s life. It depends on both Character and Behavior. They both differ in aspects from person to person.  Character denotes honesty, integrity, courage, and compassion. Behavior includes conscious and unconscious actions such as physical movements and emotional responses. You can learn the significant differences between Character and Behavior in this article.

Good Examples of the words “Character and Behavior” are.
1. I have a unique character.
2. Behavior may change in different situations.



Character depends on the inner side of humans.

It is a pattern of qualities of an individual human being that varies from one person to another in acts and feelings. It denotes the features and traits. Furthermore, it includes thoughts, feelings, loyalty, honesty, and gratitude. Personal character exhibits one’s value system and behavior. There are types of characters; one is a Strong and Bad character. The good character represents trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, and caring, and bad character denotes misconduct between people.

Character is the environment surrounding us, our mental ability, and the moral principles we follow daily. It is the thing which developed by the persons to themselves. Character reveals what you are inside, its beauty & set of morals and beliefs. The Best Example of “Character” is: “She showed her real character of her”.

How do We Spell the Word Character?

Spell / Pronunciation in which a word or particular language is spoken among people. The Oral representation of the word character is ka·ruhk·tuh. It would help if you practiced it slowly for the outcome of a perfect spell. Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the word character.


Syllabification is where we split the words into individual vowel sounds. A syllable should have at least one vowel in the word. We are going to see the syllable of the word “character.”

  • Wondering if the word “Character” has three syllables in it.
  • The split is “CHAR / AC / TER”.

How do We Pronounce “Character”?

“Character” – Pronunciation

Using “Character” in sentences:

  • Smith’s character is too good.
  • She is my favourite character of all.
  • His facial features showed his original character.
  • I think her character is good.
  • These were the simple characters to handle.



Behavior is a measurable action.

Behavior is defined as measurable and observable, including all activities, such as actions and reactions of living beings, such as humans, animals, and some plants. It can be learned from one person to another and can be influenced by genetic, environmental, and other factors. Examples of behavioral things are sleeping, eating, jumping, walking, running, communicating, problem-solving, etc. It also denotes the psychological reasons for their good and bad behavior.

The Best example of the word “Behavior” is Attention and escape are the functions of behavior.”

How do We Spell the Word Behavior?

The vocal representation of the word Behavior is bi-heyv-yer. How does the UK spell the word Behavior? It is “behaviour”. Below, you can know by hearing the audio of the word behavior.


Syllabification refers to letters that hold together to make a single sound. It is a linguistic concept of a phonological unit. We are going to see the syllable of the word “Behavior.”

  • Wondering if the word “Behavior” has three syllables in it.
  • The split is “BE-HAV-IOR”.

How do We Pronounce “Behavior”?

“Behavior” – Pronunciation

Using “Behavior” in sentences:

  • Smith’s behavior affects his friends and family.
  • Behavior is the mirror of their own image.
  • Bad behavior should be punishable.
  • He was ashamed of his children’s behavior.
  • Fights and jealousy are the signs of ugly behavior.

Similarities between Character & Behavior

The title reveals the difference between Character and Personality. But, like, you want to know also similar things about the above two words. So come, let’s see below.

  • Character and Behavior are observable, like a person’s actions, reactions, and interactions with others. External factors like environment and life sciences can influence them.
  • Character and Behavior can change over time, and both are interconnected to each other more importantly, these denote how they are perceived and denoted by others.


DEFINITIONIt is defined as the mental and moral qualities of an individual, and it will express our special identity
among other people.
It is defined as the actions, reactions, and conduct of an organism or human beings, such as internal thoughts and feelings.
SYNONYMSNature, Courage, Intelligence,
Name, Honour, Psychology.
Turn of mind, and Temper.
Conduct, Demeanor, Mannerisms, Deportment, Performance, Comportment, Bearing, and Etiquette.
ANTONYMSIrresponsibility, Inferior, Low
Unthoughtfulness, Badness.
Immorality, Wickedness, Sin,
Degradation, & Subordinate 
Cessation, Inactivity, Indolence,
Inertia, Slothfulness, Restraint,
Indifference, Neglect, Laziness
ETYMOLOGYFrom the early 16th century
In Middle English, it
is called a Character.
it is derived from the Old French
word and came into use
during the 15th century.
TYPEProtagonist, Antagonist,
Deuteragonist, Tertiary characters.
Innate behavior
Innate behavior
Prosocial behavior
Antisocial behavior
Emotional behavior
Maladaptive behavior
Cognitive behavior
The story has beautiful characters in it.
She has a complex character.
Robert loves cartoon characters.
Which character in these films do you admire more?
Veronica developed her own character in a good way.
There are some common types of behavior, such as good and bad behavior.
Henry’s behavior is too bad.
Why are you behaving like a child?
Students have appreciated their good behavior.
His foolish behavior makes his life worst.

Infographic Representation:

Character Infographic ViewPin

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